Our story


Hello beautiful friend,

I am so glad you are visiting this special space. At first glance of the pages of this website, this may seem to be just another women's conference. I can promise you that it is much deeper than that. I created this event out of an act of worship and obedience to God in the Spring of 2009.  It has been a labor of love and faith and a tremendous amount of sacrifice. Until this year, we've never had a website or promotional materials or anything other than previous attendees inviting their friends and family not to miss this special day.  Just like many of you, I am an overcomer too.  I know on a very deep and personal level what suffering and heartache can do to a person. What I did not know when I walked into my first women's conference about 15 years ago, was that the same God that is written about in the bible is the same God who speaks and moves and heals and restores today. During that conference I experienced something that changed my life forever. I encountered the presence of Jesus. I encountered the love of the Father. And I encountered sweet Holy Spirit. The word of God became alive to me for the first time in my life. And for the first time in my life, I began to feel that maybe I was His daughter too. Before that incredible day, I did what so many hearts do over years of heartache and disappointment, I measured God's love for me based on my circumstances, and the circumstances of my life were unfair beyond words.  I attended church and loved God the best that I knew how but I had no idea all that was missing in my life and all that He had in store for me. After that encounter, I went from simply attending church- to a life of worship and relationship that has expanded and deepened over the years.  During that conference, some of the women shared pieces of their testimonies during their talks. I learned very quickly some valuable lessons. We never know what other people have had to walk through in life. What they've had to overcome just to get to where they are in life right now, which changed the way I loved people. And the same God who brought those daughters through their pain- will bring you through your pain as well.  I know it may not seem true right now, but I can promise you that tremendous purpose can come from your pain. I invite you to join us this year as we gather together to pursue all that He has for us....xo, Sibi

About the founder

Sibi Riffer is the founder and creative heart behind The Pearl Event, a non-denominational Christian ministry of outreach and reconciliation through an annual women’s conference she hosts every spring in Nashville, TN. She is a passionate writer, speaker, teacher and prophetic voice who has been leading women to Jesus through her personal testimonies of hope as an overcomer to women's groups, conferences and special events since 2004. She carries mercy and grace with the heart of a shepherd and is an encourager and friend to many women across the United States. Sibi is most grateful for her highest calling as a mama to seven beautiful children and wife to her supportive husband of 17 years.