KIND words

from past attendees

This is my sweet, precious Sibi. I’m so honored to have been blessed to spend a couple of days under her wing. Her gifts are beautiful! She’s a strong leader! I’ve never met anyone more gifted at pulling out the gold in someone. What I’ve learned is when you point out the someone’s failures they want to hide, but when you point out someone’s gold they want to shine. And I watched Sibi polish off the tarnish on peoples’ gold all week and help them to sparkle and catch the light again. I would so highly recommend attending The Pearl Event! I would not miss it! And I would bring your teenage daughters! The caliber of women whom I spent time with this weekend was extraordinary! I felt like a dry sponge being soaked! Anyone can see the dirt in someone, let’s see the gold!
— Lissa W.

I’m not sure words are enough to convey the day. So beautiful, honest, vulnerable, redemptive and freeing! When Holy Spirit shows up and reminds you that you are seen and known! That He knows every disappointment and shattered dream and that he’s got more amazingness than you can imagine. And he invites you into intimacy with him. Thank you for investing in and creating a space for God to move. So many gifted and powerful speakers and testimonies, I’ll be unpacking it all for weeks to come!
— Jana B.

I can barely express how The Pearl Event changed my life yesterday! Fresh fire, fresh vision, fresh focus, fresh filling of Holy Spirit! God showed me clearly what a rut I’ve been in and how my heart had become bruised and calloused from pain and past wounds not yet healed and how I have been wearing a veil over my heart, not allowing people to really know me and how I was keeping Holy Spirit and community/communion (being fully known) at arm’s length. And how I have not been living in the power of Holy Spirit, the compassion and sacrifice of Jesus Christ, and the deep unmatchable love of our Father. Thank you for pouring into God’s daughters as you did yesterday. I am one of many who was deeply changed!
— Lisa B.

So thankful for the experience I had at The Pearl Event yesterday. The brave women who shared their stories will not soon be forgotten. As I go about my day today, I am thanking God for the encouragement I received- thinking of my own story and renewed to live it out well. Thank you Sibi for listening to the Lord and obeying Him! You are amazing!
— Suzanne R.

On Thursday, April 16, my dear friend, Sibi Riffer, brought women together from all over the country for The Pearl Event. I cannot put into words what an amazing, life-changing experience this was for me. These women. These Pearls from Heaven…sharing stories of brokenness, of courage through fire, beauty through the storm. Facing enormous challenges and adversity and doing it all with an unwavering faith in our Savior. Each testimony brought tears to my eyes. It was incredible. Women lifting each other up in faith and prayer. Words of encouragement and praise were overflowing. Grace surrounded this place. I am so thankful to be a part of this day. To now call each and every one of these beautiful ladies my friends.
— Melanie M.

It was all perfect. A beautiful atmosphere that was designed in such a way to make us all feel as if we were the Queen, yet comfortable. It screamed, “come as you are and be loved and valued.” A couple weeks prior to the event, God revealed to me that I needed His love. Hearing every story, I was able to hear the character of God and was broken before Him. I was able to cry with the speakers, over the broken areas of their lives, and was able to cry over the faithfulness and goodness of God in hearing how he redeemed those areas. I was able to be vulnerable before the Lord and an inner healing took place. Multiple times this week since the event, I’ve been told that I was “too full of joy” or “too happy when everyone else wasn’t” etc. I can barely put into words what He has done. But chains have been broken.
— Erin M.

Authentic encounter saturated with Holy Spirit’s presence. I was just moved by how nice everyone was. So many smiling faces in the room and it all felt genuine, not forced. It felt like I was at a fancy reception. Every detail was taken care of from the gorgeous flowers to the package of tissues on the table. But if I had to pick my top favorite, I loved the ministry time at the end!
— April G.

I absolutely loved experiencing women being real with each other and not hiding. I thought it was incredibly empowering and could tell that hearts were being lifted and changed throughout the day. I love love loved the focus on the Pearl identity, and how much value we have to the Lord. I left feeling like, “Yeah! I am fearfully and wonderfully made. I can do anything!” I also felt like through the worship and speakers the Lord was speaking to me about how much he loves women, how much he values them, and ministered to the part of me that hasn’t been valued by society for being a woman. It was healing to hear women speak about their trauma and their healing, and it empowered me to know if God could do that for them he can, and would, do the same for me. I loved how the event fostered community between women.
— Alaina S.

Each woman who spoke, spoke something directly to my heart. Each one shared something that has the potential to shape and change my life for the good! I loved the sweet honesty of the women who spoke! I would encourage EVERY woman I know to attend next year!!
— Melanie T.

I loved the common theme, the transparency, humility, all pointing to the Lord being the answer for every woman.
— Danny M.

Very real people who were very excited and pure in heart to share the love of God with others.
— Karen Y.

Authentic, real, and vulnerable!! Power of the Lord to bring life change!!! Even the beauty of women who are still in the midst of the process being open to share, as we are ALL in the midst of our process!
— Lauren D.

I feel like it is helping me learn how to better hear the Holy Spirit! And that that looks a lot like loving yourself! It was so well done even to the smallest detail.
— Katherine R.

So inspiring! So unforgettable! It opens your eyes to God that a lot of people don’t know of! Such an opportunity! Met amazing people I never would have and heard stories that I never would have if it wasn’t for The Pearl Event! I will always remember my experience and will never look at the pearl the same way again - this is a much better way to look at my favorite jewelry that I wear every single day - THANK YOU!
— Jessie J.
The Pearl Event was the cool glass of water I needed to relax, refresh and be inspired.
— Kendall Y.

I would describe the Pearl Event as a place where all kinds of women gather, where there is something for everyone, with a variety of speakers, and their life messages. I thought it was very powerful because so many of the women are overcomers and thus carry authority and power in the presence and words.I was so thankful that you made room for holy spirit to move at the very end. I think that just sealed the day with what God wanted to do. LOVED it!
— Sonja C.

I have been wanting to have a closer relationship with Heavenly Father, Jesus and Holy Spirit and it helped show me steps I can take to do that!
— Esther R.

I came back with fire and a freshness of the infilling. Life changing heart issues. First class!!! Loved the speakers, ministry, music and His Presence!!!
— Dianne M.

I loved the range of topics- I LOVED that some of the women were not “seasoned” or “trained” speakers. I love that they were just “normal” women living out Truth in their stories. I love hearing from established personalities, but even more, just loved that most the women who spoke at the Pearl Event just spoke from their heart and connected with the everyday woman.
— Suzanne R.

There was a freedom with these women this is hard to put into words. I’ve found true, deep friendships with other sisters in Christ that will last a lifetime.
— Lindsay R.

Sibi is such a blessing to my life personally as well as all the speakers at this event and anyone she comes in contact with. Her words of encouragement and hope are so healing. They literally changed the atmosphere in the room, as you could feel the spirit lead when she began. I LOVE everything about her.
— Becki D.